Recipe: Delicious Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest
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Recipe: Delicious Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest

Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest. This vegan sweet potato soup is thick, creamy, hearty and makes the ultimate comfort food! It's definitely filling enough to be all you need for a Add in some vegetable stock and coconut cream and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pot and leave it to simmer until the potatoes and carrots.

Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest Sweet potato soup is a big bowl of comfort. It's vegan, has cheap ingredients, is quick and easy to make. It can also be frozen for future lunches and dinners. You can have Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest using 16 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest

  1. Prepare of sweet potatoes (medium).
  2. Prepare of carrots (medium).
  3. You need of onions (small to medium).
  4. You need of red peppers.
  5. Prepare of garlic (more to taste).
  6. You need of vegetable stock.
  7. Prepare of white wine (optional).
  8. You need of vegetable stock (optional – for more intense taste).
  9. It’s of water (as needed to get the right consistency).
  10. You need of cumin.
  11. It’s of parsley.
  12. Prepare of ground coriander.
  13. It’s of chilli.
  14. It’s of Salt and pepper.
  15. You need of For garnish: chopped fresh coriander.
  16. It’s of For garnish: yoghurt or cream (optional).

Stir in the sweet potatoes and stock. Just the veggie stock, potatoes and 'soup green' (usually a pre-packaged bundle of carrots, leek Garlic gives us a sweet and pungent kick. Lemon is the fresh and sour antidote to balance everything out. Potato soup is simple, but so comforting, especially during the holidays, don't you agree?

Sweet Potato Soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly). #soupcontest instructions

  1. Roughly chop onions and garlic. Add olive oil to the pan and saute onion and garlic for a few minutes until golden brown, making sure they don't burn..
  2. Add spices and sauté for a couple of more minutes until they blend well with onion and garlic. This will bring out their aroma..
  3. Add 750 ml of vegetable stock to the pan. Add sweet potato and carrots, peeled and roughly chopped. Make pieces smaller if you need them to cook fast..
  4. Add water if needed. Add stock cubes..
  5. Bring to a boil then reduce heat so the liquid simmers but doesn't evaporate too much. Cook until sweet potatoes are soft and a fork can go through them a easily..
  6. Add sliced red peppers. Add wine if you wish to. Simmer until red peppers soften..
  7. Turn of the heat and let cool for a bit..
  8. Purée in a food processor using up all the liquid from cooking. If the mixture is too thick, you can add a bit of water..
  9. Transfer the soup to a pan. And mix to even out..
  10. Serve with chopped coriander leaves and/or a dash of cream or yogurt on top..

This vegan creamy sweet potato soup recipe uses both sweet This oil-free creamy potato soup gets an extra boost of flavor and nutrition from the yukon gold potatoes. Most people know how good sweet. Vegan potato soup, a healthier and lighter alternative to the classic recipe. It's so creamy, hearty, comforting, satisfying and full of flavor. Potatoes – Any potatoes will do, but Yukon Gold potatoes are ideal for this soup.

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