Recipe: Tasty Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup
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Recipe: Tasty Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup

Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup. Pounded Yam is a staple in many West African homes, but it is not usually eaten by itself, it is often paired with many delicious African soups, and stews. Other food in the swallow group includes fufu – made from cassava flour, Eba, Amala, and more. Iyan is however believed to go best egusi.

Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup Look for the seeds in African or International grocery stores. Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, can be substituted and are available in Latin American grocery stores. Egusi soup is unarguably the most popular Nigerian soup. You can have Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup using 10 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup

  1. It’s 3 of serving.
  2. Prepare 1 of tuber of yam.
  3. You need of Vegetable of choice but i use spinach leave.
  4. You need 1 of tomato tin cup of egusi.
  5. You need of Beef n ponmo.
  6. It’s of Grounded fresh pepper.
  7. Prepare of Seasoning.
  8. You need of Locust beans.
  9. It’s of Palm oil.
  10. You need of Water.

In my few years as a food blogger and Nigerian food lover, I have How to make Egusi Soup with Bitterleaf. The most popular combinations are Pounded Yam with Egusi Soup, Pounded Yam with Nsala or White Soup and many more. I can't eat Egusi Soup that is prepared using the frying method because it gives me heartburn. Here's how I prepare Egusu Soup without frying.

Pounded yam with vegetable egusi soup instructions

  1. Peel and wash yam, set inside pot n add water to cook.
  2. When door, put into motar n pound then portion into desire sizes.
  3. Cut vegetable n wash under runing water and blanch.
  4. Wash meat n ponmo very well then boil with seasoning till done.
  5. Put pot on stove, add little quantity of palm oil.
  6. Pour in slice onion n locust beans then fry for some mins.
  7. Add egusi n fry.
  8. Put in papper, cook n pour in the stock meat n meat wt ponmo cover n cook for 5min.
  9. At this stage correct seasoning, add your vegetable n leave for some mins.
  10. Bring down n enjoy your meal.

However, pounded yam and vegetable egusi soup is one of my favorite meals. A few years ago when my mum came to visit me while I was still in school, I asked her to show me how to cook it. I used the method she showed me those many years ago in this recipe. Pounded yam is one of the most loved fufu meals in Nigeria, it can be paired with any kind of soup especially vegetable and egusi soup. I made this soft and pliable pounded yam with fresh yam today.

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